Florida Basketball & Volleyball Association
West Division

What is the FBVA?

The Florida Basketball and Volleyball Association, Inc. (FBVA) is a 501-C not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of providing a safe, healthy environment where Central Florida youth can learn and grow through constructive participation in team sports. The Association is committed to providing positive opportunities for all youth, and attempts to be particularly sensitive to the needs of kids at risk. Each year, four seasons of youth basketball competition is organized and coordinated under the direction of the league Board that is run by approximately sixteen volunteer members. Every season, FBVA has experienced increased enrollment in its basketball programs. This season, the FBVA Junior Magic 2000 League has over 2,000 players and registered 200 teams.


FBVA West is the FBVA divivion that serves the region of Metro-Orlando west of Kirkman road. FBVA West has over 500 players on 60 teams.

FBVA Mission Statement:

  The Mission of the FBVA is to build and enhance the participants life skills by providing quality instruction and training to all youth in basketball and volleyball team sports on a not-for-profit basis.

Self-confidence, ability, respect for others, team play and achievement of goals are the individual qualities FBVA strives to teach through team sport instruction and competition.

All youth of appropriate age and maturity will be accepted to participate regardless of race, creed, sex, or religious affiliation.

FBVA Team Information

The FBVA fields over over 160 teams each season. There is a girls division and a coed division. For the past two year, the FBVA has developed a highly successful girls-only division. This division continues to grow with the popularity of women's basketball and the WNBA franchise that is coming to Orlando.

There are six age divisions and four skill divisions.

The age divisions are:

  • Age 5/6
  • Age 7/8
  • Age 9/10
  • Age 11/12
  • Age 13/14/15
  • Age 16/17/18

Age qualifications are based on August 1st. Each August 1st, the league age is set for all seasons beginning prior the the next August.

The league office determines team rankings at the beginning of each season based on size and playing experience of each player on the team. Team rankings are used to schedule games so that each team has a chance to play at an appropriate level of competition.

At tournament time teams are assigned playoff brackets based on the the ranking and team performance during the season. The tournament brackets are typically:

  • B Division
  • A Division
  • AA Division
  • AAA Division
The B Division typically consists of new teams with mostly inexperienced player. The AAA division teams are typically solid AAU caliber teams.

Most teams tend to have a wide range of skill levels on their roster. The top team could have one of the least experienced player in the league. Likewise the lowest ranked team could have one of the league's most outstanding players.

The FBVA accepts pre-formed teams and attempts to honor mutual requests of player who wish to be on the same team. Player preferences for a particlar team have to be worked out with the coach of that them.

The FBVA teams competing in State, National and International competitions achieved outstanding results. Through competition, FBVA teams have proven themselves to be among the best teams in the world. Please visit the FVBA Competition Teams page for more information.

League Rules

The FBVA provides a competitive approach to basketball. Coaches and players in the FBVA are committed to teaching and learning the game.

FBVA games are usually played on a full 84' court with a 3-point line. Multiple defenses are allowed as is double-teaming. Full court press is allowed in 11/12 and older and is also allowed in younger divisions if both coaches agree prior to the game and inform the officials. One trained and paid official is provided for games for age divisions 9/10 and below. Two trained and paid official are provided for games for age divisions 11/12 and higher. The clock is stopped on each whistle. Each team gets a full compliment of full and 20-second time-outs.

There is a playing time rule which ensures that all players get to play but also allows some flexibilty for teams with respect to substitutions and playing time.

For more information about FBVA rules, please visit the FBVA Rules Page.

FBVA Alliances

The FBVA maintains alliances and working relationships with the American Athletic Union (AAU), The Orando Junior Magic, International Youth Basketball (IYB), Youth Basketball Of America (YBOA) and the National Pro-Am group. Please visit the FBVA Affiliations for more information.

FBVA Practice and Game Locations

FBVA team practice and play all over the Orlando area. There are east-side, west-side, and south-side divisions. Typical game sites are Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Conway Middle School, Colonial High School, Glenridge Middle School, Liberty Middle School, Winter Park 9th Grade Center, Southwest Middle School, Dr. Phillips High School, Gotha Middle School, Union Park Middle School, Boone High School, Celebration High School, Kissimmee Middle School, and Hunter's Creek Middle School.

FBVA Season Schedule

FBVA plays four seasons per year. The exact dates vary from year to year but the following dates are typical:
  • Winter (Dec 10th - Feb 26th)
  • Spring (Apr 7th - May 27th)
  • Summer (Jul 7th - Aug 26th)
  • Fall (Sep 29th - Nov 11th)

Cost To Play

Cost to play varies by season but is typically $58 to $76 per season. This includes the cost of a reversible jersey. Some teams agree to expend additional funds to buy uniforms, rent practice facilities, or bring snacks to the games. Some teams have sponsors to pick up the cost of these items.

Volunteer Activities

It takes hundreds of community minded people to make the FBVA succeed. Overall oversight and leadership is provided by Corporate Board of Directors. There is also a board of league directors and league volunteers who are responsible for day to day operation of the league. For a list by name and position, please visit our Staff and Volunteers page. These volunteers and directors are unpaid volunteers.

Volunteerism in the FBVA goes much deeper. There are 500 or more coaches and assistants and team moms who help with team activities every season. There are volunteers who help with scheduling, ordering and distribution of supplies and team items, staffing concessions, recruiting and registering players, finding practice sites, running scoreboards, and keeping stats.

The FBVA maintains a close working relationship with a growing list of participating schools that provide facilties. Currently there are over 15 facilites and twenty-five staff members who assist FBVA with the use of these facilites.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships provide an important source of financing for the organization. Corporations provide assistance to FBVA by direct contributions, donating items, providing facilites and services, purchasing ads in FBVA publications, and by sponsoring individual teams.

If you would like your company to help with FBVA, please contact our league office. FBVA has a corporate sponsorship package to suitable for any size company.

Contact Infomation

For more infomation about FBVA West contact: League Director, Andy Nickels at (407) 296-5455 or send him email at andy@fbva.org.